November 6/10, 2024



Agricultural chemical batchers, Air brakes, Air filters for cabs, Air-conditioners for cabs, Alternators, Aluminium irrigation pipes, Automatic engine-protection equipment;


Ball bearings, Batteries, Belts conveyors, Bevel gears, Blades for harvesting equipment, Bodies for multi-purpose farm vehicles, Bonnets, Booms for crop protection equipment, Brake components, Bucket conveyors, Buckets for elevators and conveyers, Bushings;


Cage wheels, Carburettors, Cardan shafts and components, Catalytic mufflers, Chains for agricultural machinery, Chains for conveyor, Chains for wheels, Closing caps, Clutch components, Clutches, Clutches gears and differentials, Combine harvester cabs, Compressors for liquid manure spreaders, Constant speed universal joints, Control and protection panels for electric pumps, Control instruments for crop protection equipment, Control instruments for irrigation machinery, Control instruments for sowing equipment, Control levers, Control units for hydraulics, Control units for sprayers, Cooler fans, Coupling joints, Couplings and tie rods, Couplings for irrigation installations;


Dashboard instruments, Dashboards, Devices for cleaning pesticide containers, Diesel engines, Differentials, Discs for fertilizing equipment, Discs for seed drills, Discs for soil working machines, Drainage pipes, Drainage pumps, Drawbars, Drawbars, Drip irrigation system pipes, Drippers, Drive axles, Drive boxes, Drive shafts, Driving cabs;


Elbow unions for irrigation, Electric motors, Electrical control panels for generators, Electrical equipment and wiring harnesses, Electrical equipment for generators, Electromagnets, Electronic monitoring and control devices, Engine air filters, Engine cut-off devices, Engine fuel filters, Engine oil filters, Exhaust manifolds;


Fans for air-blast sprayers, Fertilizer equipment for irrigation systems, Fertilizing irrigation accessories, Fibreglass tanks, Fifth wheels, Filters for crop protection equipment, Filters for irrigation systems, Final drivers, Fixed irrigation pumps, Fixed sprinklers, Flanges, Flashing signal lights, Flexible augers, Flexible control cables, Flexible couplings, Fluid meters for sprayers, Forage harvesting heads, Four-stroke s.i. engines, Freewheels, Front hydraulic lift, Fuel pumps, Fuel tanks, Fuel transport tanks;


Gear boxes, Gear pumps for radiators, Geardrives, Gears and speed changers, Guards for p.t.o.;


Handles, Hard plastic tubes, Headlights, Heat exchangers for engines, Helical-centrifugal pumps, Hitches, Hoe blades, Horizontal centrifugal pumps, Hose clips, Hoses for compressed air, Hoses for mobile sprayers, Hoses for reel irrigation installations, Hubs, Hydraulic and solenoid valves, Hydraulic brakes, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic drives, Hydraulic engines, Hydraulic inverters, Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic rods for hoists, Hydraulic systems, Hydraulic transmissions;


Indicators, Injectors, Iron wheels, Irrigation computers, Irrigation fittings, Irrigation hydrants, Irrigation solenoid valves, Irrigation valves;


Jacks, Joints for flexible pipes, Joints for hydraulics;


Lances for sprayers, Leaf springs, Level indicators, Loading ramps for agricultural machinery, Lubricants, Lubricators;


Magnetic plugs, Manure-spreading units, Mechanical brakes, Mechanical controls, Metal tanks, Metalware, Micro-irrigation system pipes, Microirrigation accessories, Microirrigators, Miscellaneous accessories and components, Miscellaneous bodywork parts, Miscellaneous components, Miscellaneous components for crop protection equipment, Miscellaneous components for handling equipment, Miscellaneous components for irrigation systems, Miscellaneous components for soil-working and sowing, Miscellaneous components for trailers, Miscellaneous electrical devices, Miscellaneous engine cooling components, Miscellaneous engine lubricant components, Miscellaneous engines, Miscellaneous hydraulic equipment, Miscellaneous irrigation pipes, Miscellaneous irrigation pumps, Miscellaneous pipes for agricultural use, Miscellaneous plastic articles, Miscellaneous rubber articles, Miscellaneous saw accessories, Miscellaneous tanks, Mixers for crop protection equipment, Motor reduction gears, Motors for submersed pumps, Mouldboards, Mounted irrigation pumps, Mudguards, Mufflers;


Nozzles for crop protection equipment;


Oil coolers, Oil drain plugs, Oil pumps for engines, Oil-water engine heaters, Other water pumps, Overgears, Overrun brakes;


P.t.o. drive shafts, Packings for pumps, Parking brakes, Pedals, Piston pumps, Piston pumps, Planetary gear train, Plastic gaskets, Plastic hoses, Plastic hoses for sprayers, Plastic hoses in coils, Plastic irrigation pipes, Plastic tanks, Ploughshares, Pneumatic tyres, Polyethylene irrigation hoses, Pop-up professional sprinklers, Positive clutches, Pressure reducers for irrigation, Propeller pumps, Protective cabs, Protective structures, Pulleys, Pumps for liquid manure spreaders, PVC irrigation hoses;


Quick coupling devices for three-point linkages;


Rack and pinion steering, Radial pin clutch, Radio controls, Rear hydraulic lift, Rear-view mirrors, Remote controls, Reversing gears, Revolving lights, Rigid augers for auger conveyors, Rigid axles, Rims, Rods for sprayers, Roller bearings, Rotating sprinklers, Rubber belts, Rubber gaskets, Rubber hoses, Rubber tracks for agricultural machinery, Rubber tracks for track-laying tractors;


Safety control units for motor pumps, Safety valves, Screw (rotary) pumps, Seats, Sector rainers, Sensing devices for rotary cultivators, Small plastic items, Small rubber items, Solar power panels, Solid rubber wheels, Sound-reducing cases, Spare parts for agricultural engines, Spare parts for agricultural equipment, Spare parts for crop protection equipment, Spare parts for equipment for distributing manures, Spare parts for equipment for land reclamation and soil , Spare parts for equipment for olive oil production, Spare parts for equipment for planting, Spare parts for equipment for the processing of agricultural, Spare parts for equipment for threshing,selection, Spare parts for equipment for wine making, Spare parts for forestry machinery, Spare parts for harvesting equipment, Spare parts for irrigation equipment, Spare parts for irrigation pumps, Spare parts for miscellaneous machinery, Spare parts for motor mowers, Spare parts for soil-working equipment, Spare parts for sowing equipment, Spare parts for tractors, Spare parts for walking tractors and motor hoes, Special purpose nuts and bolts, Spray pumps, Springs, Stainless steel tanks, Steel irrigation pipes, Steering axles, Steering wheels, Submerged pumps, Support wheels, Supporting bars for lighting and signalling devices;


Tandem axles, Tanks for sprayers or dusters, Tap fittings, Three-point linkages, Three-point linkages parts, Tines, Tool cases, Tools for rotary pruning and stalk crushers, Top links, Towing eyes, Track components, Tracks for combine harvesters, Tracks for farm machinery, Tracks for tractors, Tracks for walking tractors and motors hoes, Trailer suspension systems, Tridem axes, Twin-wheel spacers, Two-point linkages, Two-stroke s.i. engines, Tyres;


Universal drive shaft yokes, Universal joints;


Various parts for steering units, Vent caps, Vertical centrifugal pumps;


Water coolers, Water meters, Water-lubricated thrust bearings for submerged pumps, Wheel-mounted irrigation pumps.